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Bali Combination Tours Among of ATV Ride, Rafting, Tubing, and Swing

Trying atv adventure in Bali is really fun and exciting especially when you must pass muddy and wet tracks around forests while improving your speed on accelerator button.

Perhaps you want it becomes more thrilling, you can book atv ride adventure with others activities as follows.

Bali Combination Atv Ride Adventure

  1. Rafting Adventure

Bali Rafting in Ubud

Bali atv ride rafting package is the most popular activity to combine with atv adventure.

The activity is held along river route spot, where you will be challenged to navigate on an inflatable boat with group.

During navigation, you must maneuver and control direction of boat along rapids by a paddle on hold. It isn’t surely easy and need a good team work.

  1. Tubing Adventure

Tubing in Bali River

Tubing or Canyon Tubing is also good activity to combine with atv adventure. The activity is somewhat similar to rafting, which involve you in river navigation.

However, size of boat for tubing is usually smaller than in rafting. And the boat is just boarded for 1 – 2 persons.

Besides that, you also don’t need to use paddle to control the boat. Just sitting back on the boat and follow river stream.

  1. Bali Swing

Bali Swing Tour

Bali Swing is others that you can combine with atv ride tour. Swing is the newest activity, which will take you to feel extreme sensation on very high swing.

The height of swings varies starting from 5 meters, 10 meters, and even over 20 meters

You can imagine how thrilling when playing the extreme swing. Sit on board swing surely may make you tremble.

Okay, all of combination above can be got on tour provider around Bali Island. Which one will you plan to try?