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Bali Atv Rice Paddies Tour Reviews

For you plan to visit Bali Island and need a recommendation of fun activity, there is one that you should try. That’s Bali ATV Tour which can be got in spot around Ubud.

If you want to have an Bali atv riding experience on rice paddies tracks, then it’s recommended to choose atv spots in Silakarang (the southern of Ubud).

Rice Paddies Track

ATV Quad Bike Adventure Bali Review
ATV Quad Bike Adventure Bali Review

Riding atv along rice paddies route is more exciting than others, because you may see green view rice field while riding on the quad bike.

The rice paddies route is located near rural area which is stayed by local people, which you also may see their daily activities.

In addition, there are maybe local farmers that you can also see along route. They usually do maintaining for rice paddy plants as cutting the wild grass around it.

You probably will want to ride slowly along the route, so that can see all those longer.

Safety Equipment

Atv Adventure in Bali
Atv Adventure in Bali

Before adventuring, you are required to apply some equipment for safety, such as:

  • Helm, to protect the head of bump.
  • Gumboots, to protect your feet of sharp branches and ease you walk on muds.

All items above are usually included in the tour package by each operator. Therefore, you don’t need to prepare them.

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