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2 Fun Things to Do Near Mount Batur after Hiking

As you maybe know, Mount Batur is the most favourite hiking spot in Bali. Because, it has a route suitable for beginner and also well-known for sunrise viewing point.

Perhaps you’re searching for fun things to do near Mount Batur besides hiking. The following are some things you can do.

  1. Visiting Coffee Plantation

    Bali Coffee Plantation in Batur
    Bali Coffee Plantation in Batur

Batur is highland in the northeast of Bali (Kintamani), where you can see many coffee plantations. Visiting one of them is a good recommendation after hiking.

The coffee plantations are the best place to get new knowledge about Kopi Bali. You can learn about Kopi Bali starting from process of planting, roasting, and brewing.

Coffee from Kintamani has a distinct flavour compared others, as taste of citrusy. That’s probably caused the habits of local farmer plant oranges near their coffee plantation.

  1. Soaking in Natural Hot Spring

    Natural Hot Spring in Batur
    Natural Hot Spring in Batur

Batur has some natural hot springs where you soak while relaxing mind in warm water. Some of them are Bali Natural Hot Spring and Toya Devasya.

The pools is equipped by some unique fountain statues and overlook to beautiful view of Mount and Lake Batur. The visitors can soak in the pool while witnessing the beautiful view.

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