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Stunning Rice Terrace Expanse at Sidemen Village

Sidemen is a village in the eastern of Bali. The area is adjacent to Besakih Temple (the mother of temple in Bali).

As Jatiluwih and Tegalalang, Sidemen Village has also the expanse of green rice field. This why the village is proper you visit.

Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces
Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces

Rice Terrace at Sidemen Village, Karangasem Regency is truly stunning with wide and distinctive terrace formation as other Bali Rice Field.

The most recommended point to spoil the eyes by the fabulous landscape which is full of greenery.

Sidemen Rice Field Trekking
Sidemen Rice Field Trekking

If you are missing the fresh atmosphere and calm situation without the pollution and noise. It’s truly recommended to come in early morning.

In the morning, you will get a natural oasis. It is truly felt cold and fresh when you are taking a deep breathe.

Sidemen Rice Terrace
Sidemen Rice Terrace

Enjoy this soothing moment while walking down the rice area will really disappear your fatigue and stress. The yellowish sunrise that appearing from the east is felt topical when contact on the skin.

Furthermore, Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces Tour is recommended you who want to relax mind and spend the worth holiday.

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